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Yarn Review: Hoooked Zpagetti Recycled T-Shirt Yarn

I have had t-shirt yarn on my wish list to use and review for quite some time now! A few years back I made some of my own t-shirt yarn out of old t-shirts but it never made enough to make anything very large. I believe I maybe made a basket?

I have challenged myself to take yarn that is meant for making things like baskets and bags and making larger wearable items, so t-shirt yarn was at the top of my list to try out and see if I could use it to make a funky cardigan! You can check out the video below to see my thoughts on this specific yarn by Hoooked or scroll through for the specifics!

I reached out to Hoooked a few months ago to see if they would be willing to collaborate with me and sponsor yarn for a cardigan design I was working on. This was their response:

We are happy to sponsor yarn for your upcoming project! If you are making a cardigan/hoodie I think Zpagetti will be too heavy (each bobbin weighs approx. 700 grams). Did you consider RibbonXL? It’s also a very chunky yarn, but much more light weighted. Let me know!

-Marketing Team at Hoooked

I laughed to myself and responded that I was more than happy to take on the challenge and see if I could make it work, I said “That is actually exactly why I want to try to make a cardigan! 🙂 Since the vast majority of my patterns call for super bulky yarn I have been trying to showcase all of the different types of yarn that can be used in that size/weight range.” I was so happy they were willing to allow me to take on the challenge because I am in LOVE with the final design and how it turned out!

The yarn has a bit of stretch to it which can make it harder to use with smaller hooks so I used a 17mm & 19mm hook to make this cardigan! The 17mm hook was used for the ribbing at the bottom and on the ends of the sleeves, and then the 19mm hook was used to make the body of the cardigan. I then purchased a zipper on Amazon and used regular old needle and thread to hand sew the zipper in! It took a while to sew in the zipper and it is definitely not perfect but I feel like it was perfect for this look! I plan to write up this pattern and release it in May or June of 2022! I used 3 balls of Hoooked Zpagetti Prints for this cardigan!

So, here are the specs on this yarn:

  • Weight: 700 gram | 24.7 oz
  • Length: 120 meter | 131 yds
  • Recommended Hook Size: 10-12 mm (US 15-17)
  • Cost: $9.94/skein

From the Manufacturer: This bulky t-shirt yarn creates a very fast and sturdy result. The composition of most of Zpagetti is cotton with a small percentage elasthan. We recommend to use a crochet hook 12-15 mm, depending on your preferences. Zpagetti is the original 100% recycled textile yarn made of superior quality recycled textile selvedges and remnants. Our original Zpagetti t-shirt yarn is handpicked and selected by our own Hoooked Production Centre in Portugal. This way we have complete control on the workers conditions and production standards. Hoooked Zpagetti textiles meet the European REACH standards for the safety of dying chemicals. The composition of most of our Zpagetti T-shirt yarn is cotton with a small percentage elasthan.

One of the MAIN reasons I wanted to try THIS brand was because they use recycled textile selvedges and remnants to create their yarn. As many of you know, there tends to be a LOT of waste in the fashion industry and I love that this company has worked to play a part in doing something about that and giving us a chance to create something beautiful using these remnants! I will DEFINITELY use this yarn again!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and be sure to check out this yarn if you haven’t and consider giving it a try on one of your next projects! Here are a few (beginner friendly) projects that work great with T-shirt yarn:

You also have a few options for where to purchase your Hoooked T-shirt yarn! You can purchase directly off of their website–which will give you the most options but the shipping may be a bit higher since they are located in Portugal. Shipping is free to my EU Mainland friends but can be about $47.50 for shipping to the US!

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