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ULTIMATE Guide to Super Bulky Yarn in 2022

My patterns are specifically made for super bulky (6) weight (may also be called super chunky) and jumbo (7) weight yarn so I decided it would be helpful to do a round up of some of my top picks to use for chunky crochet projects and patterns!

I have seen so many wonderful super chunky yarn options come and go, just in my few years of designing, and although it can make me sad to say goodbye to some fantastic yarn (RIP Totally Tubular!!!) it also means there are always lots of new options out there to try! So, here is my first ever super bulky yarn round up! Please know there are affiliate links included in this round up which means by purchasing yarn through these links you are also helping to support me!

Super Bulky (6) Yarn (AKA Super Chunky Yarn)

Some of my top patterns that call for super bulky yarn include the Tonks Hoodie, The Luna Cardigan, The Granger Cardigan, and the Mini Puff Jacket!

Wool & Wool Blend Options

Treat Yo’ Self on these Splurge Worthy Options

Non-Wool Options

Depending on your location, Wal-Mart might be a great option for finding super bulky and jumbo yarn! Some of my favorites that I’ve found in store for super bulky (6) are  Super Bulky Cozy Chenille Yarn (compare to other brand name blanket yarn), Mainstays Velvet Yarn, and Mainstays Chenille Heathered Yarn. For the Jumbo (7) category, look for the Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn that recommends a 25mm hook on the label!

Located in the UK???

There are a few yarn brands with much more affordable shipping outside of the US. This includes Love Crafts & Hobbii (listed above) as well as UK based Marriner brand yarn and Ireland based SpringWools Wool Shop!

Jumbo (CYC 7) Weight Yarn

Jumbo Yarn can be tricky since there are jumbo yarns that recommend a 15mm hook and others that recommend up to a 25mm hook! The “smaller” jumbo options (that recommend a 15mm hook) are perfect for my Mini Puff Jacket & Winky Jacket while the larger Jumbo yarn options (that call for a 19-25mm) are perfect to use to make my Favorite Chunky Cowl & Power Puff Jacket!

Smaller Jumbo Yarn (15mm hook recommendation)

Larger Jumbo Yarn (19-25mm hook recommendation)

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