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Ribbon Yarn Review & Pattern Round Up

I am a self-proclaimed bulky & super bulky yarn connoisseur which makes finding summer projects an interesting task as most chunkier fibers are made using wool or acrylic rather than warm-weather friendly cotton blends. I’ve created a few designs holding multiple strands of lighter weight cotton yarn together, including my Lily Romper and my Cat Cozy Bundle, but I wanted to see what my options were for bulky and super bulky cotton and cotton blends. This search quickly led to me to discovering a love for cotton ribbon yarn like this on by Hobbii Yarn!

Ribbon yarn can be made out of various materials–not just cotton–though the 100% cotton options have fast become a favorite for my summer crochet projects. I get the best of both worlds–it is still a bulky yarn so I get to use my larger hooks and create quick projects but it is also lightweight and breathable for the warmer weather.

Some people might get annoyed when using ribbon yarn because it loves to spin and twist while you are working with it. If I am being 100% honest, it is most likely an impossible task to keep the yarn from twisting but I happen love the unique texture it creates even when using simple stitches!

If you were to seek out patterns to use with ribbon yarn, you’d probably see a LOT of baskets, bags and home decor type projects but honestly the sky is the limit with this stuff! I love doubling it up to make heavy duty tote bags for beach days (like I did for my Babe with the Yarn Tote Bag) and have even had my testers use it to make projects like my Romping Willow Overalls for summer.

>>You can see a full review of this yarn on you Youtube Channel here!!!<<

Now let’s get to the patterns!!! The projects below are just a few patterns that I believe would be fantastic summer crochet projects to make using Ribbon yarn:

Not sure where to get ribbon yarn? Here is a list of options to get you started!!! I hope you have fun trying out a new style of yarn or, if you’ve tried ribbon yarn before, I hope you have fun trying out a new project for the coming summer months!!!

As always, Happy Hooking!!!

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