Okay, so you’ve got an Instagram account and a good little following but maybe you feel like no one is really seeing or interacting with your content. I wanted to create a quick little check list you can use to help you increase engagement on your Instagram account!

1. Check your bio. Does it describe what you do and where your located? Even if you sell your products & services all over the country, there are connections you can leverage with your “locals” so don’t forget that! Is there a working link in your bio to your website? Better yet snag yourself a free link tree account so that you can have multiple links available for your audience to your website, blog, Facebook group/page, etc.!

2. Check your photo quality. How are your photos looking? It’s always best to try to have good natural lighting in your images, especially if you are showing off your products- you want to do them justice! I have a blog post on tips for DIY product photography if you would like a little more guidance here! Also, it’s OKAY to use stock photos or reshare images from others (IF YOU ASK PERMISSION!), get yourself a free Canva account for stock images or use other websites that offer legitimate free stock images. Don’t go snatching photos off of Google searches, copyright infringement is not something you want to mess with.

3. Ask questions or giving people a call to action. Sharing personal stories, new products & your creative process is nice but if you don’t ask questions or give people a call to action, even if followers read your post, it may stop there. By asking questions or recommending they use the link in your bio to check out a product, blog post, Facebook group, etc. they have a reason to stay engaged longer.

4. Use IG stories & don’t forget story highlights. Stories are a great way to share content that might not be “feed worthy”. Fun behind the scenes videos, funny photos of your animals interrupting your creative process, other hobbies you enjoy like gardening or baking, inspirational quotes and more!! You can also look into creating story highlights for some of your favorite “types” of stories (you could have one for products, your process, funny jokes, your favorite other small businesses, and more!)

5. How’s your hashtag game? You can use 30 hashtags, so leverage them! Start by seeing what other accounts are using in your specific creative area or business field. I use hashtags popular with crocheters & knitters like #crochetersofig #crochetersofinstagram #crochetgirlgang & #netflixandcrochet as well as hashtags for “makers” like #makerlife #makersofig and #ourmakerlife. When I post my cat cozies I’ll also use #catlife #catmom #catstagram and #catlady. I also use local hashtags like #atlantamakers #madeinatlanta #whyiloveatl and #shoplocalatl. Other ones I’ve been known to toss in include #handmade #handmadeisbetter #makersgonnamake #calledtocreate and #creativehappylife.

6. Business or personal? Have you made the switch from a personal IG account to a business account? If not now is the time!! You will get insights and analytics to help you get to know your audience and their behaviors as well as see how your posts perform!

This is obviously not an exclusive list but it’s a great start if you know your Instagram account needs a little TLC! When it comes to trying to improve our social media platforms, things can feel overwhelming quick, so it’s nice to break things down into manageable tasks that are much more easily achievable in short periods of time (cause I know you don’t have hours to spend in this all at once… right??)! Even if you only complete ONE of these items per day, you’ll still be further along than you were yesterday and that’s what matters! I hope these help and if you would like more advice or a free Instagram audit from me, be sure to join my Facebook group “Marketing + Social Media for Creatives” and join in on the conversation!

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