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Pattern Round Up – Halloween Crochet Patterns!

It’s October which means it is OFFICIALLY time to get some Halloween projects on your hooks & I am so excited to share this Halloween themes pattern round up with you all!!! There are SO many fun Halloween themed designs out there and I tried to bring you guys a really fun mix of projects from cute amigurumi and candy bags to home decor and costume ideas! I hope you enjoy this round up as much as I did putting it together and let me know in the comments if you decide to add any of these projects to your “to-make” list!!! Let’s get to it!!!

Left to Right: Pumpkin Hat Ghost, Black Cat Garland, Jumbo Cat Ear Hooded Cowl

Pumpkin Hat Ghost by Lena Lincoln of LennysCrochetPattern – Simple easy to follow ghost with removable pumpkin hat crochet pattern with lots of pictures. Tag her in all your sweet ghosts @lennyscrochet on instagram! You will need and 8mm hook & super bulky yarn for this design! ($4.95)

Black Cat Garland by Rupinder kaur of Love and Stitch Co – This pattern may not call for chunky yarn but HOW CUTE is this Black Cat Garland??? This pattern is quick and easy and you can make as many motifs as you need to make a longer garland. If you don’t want to make a garland these cats can easily be used as hanging decorations, gift toppers, or even coffee table coasters! You will need Aran weight yarn and a 4mm hook for this project! (FREE)

Jumbo Cat Ear Hooded Cowl by Evelyn of Pink Sheep Design – The Chunky XL Cat Ear Hooded Cowl is an easy to follow, beginner friendly crochet pattern. This hooded scarf is created using super bulky weight (6) yarn and using both a 20mm and 10mm hook. ($6.10)

Left to Right: Halloween Bag Bundle, Amigurumi Mini Candy Corn

Crochet Halloween Bag Bundle by Sigoni Schaap of SigoniMacaroni – This bundle includes the patterns for how to crochet FOUR Halloween Candy Bags. There is a pumpkin, a witch, Frankenstein, and Jack Skellington. There’s also a video tutorial linked inside so that no matter your skill level, you will be able to make these bags. It looks as though these bags call for a worsted weight yarn but it seems like it would be super easy to make them with a bulky or super bulky yarn instead!! ($4.98)

Amigurumi Mini Candy corn by Irina of BlueRabbitToys – Although I try to stick with patterns that call for chunky yarn, I feel like amigurumi are so easy and fun to turn into jumbo creations just by substituting chunkier yarn! These mini candy corns are so freaking cute, I HAD to include them in the round up! ($2.25)

Left to Right: Macy’s Madhouse Cardigan, The Crochet-stal Ball

Macy’s Madhouse Cardigan by Kayla of AltKnots – This is a great pattern for beginners. Her free video tutorial takes you through the whole process in order to create your very own crochet cardigan! You can also purchase the PDF here. You will need worsted weight (4) yarn and a 6mm hook for this project! (FREE VIDEO or $5.95 for PDF)

The Crochet-stal Ball by Lyn of thehookedfox – When I spied this pattern on instagram I KNEW it had to be included in this round up! This pattern is a super beginner-friendly amigurumi crystal ball! This is a very unique, quick and easy make, PERFECT for fall markets and Halloween time! You’ll need an 8mm crochet hook and super bulky (6) yarn. ($2.50)

Left to Right: Hellfire Helmet, Tentacle Candy Bowl, Giant Spider

Hellfire Helmet by Jennifer Borchert of Jennifer’s Stitched Up – If you are a fan of stranger things YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!! 😂 This Hellfire helmet is seriously amazing and HAD to be included on this round up for SURE! You will need worsted weight yarn and a few hooks for this project including 2.75mm, 3.75mm, 4.5mm, 5mm & 5.5mm hooks. ($8.00)

Tentacle Candy Bowl by Tamara Kelly of Moogly – The Halloween Tentacle Candy Bowl is a fun and festive holiday crochet pattern that works up quickly in super bulky yarn! Celebrate the season with this quirky Moogly pattern! You will need super bulky yarn and a 7mm hook for this pattern! (FREE)

Giant Spider Crochet Pattern by Amy of curiouspapaya – This jumbo spider was too amazing not to include in this round up! You will need Jumbo size 7 chenille yarn, the designer used Sweet Snuggles/Chenille Home yarn by Loops & Threads from Michaels stores. It does not list a hook size in the listing but it looks as though a few of the designers other patterns that call for jumbo yarn also call for a 10mm hook! ($5.99)

Left to Right: Cat Ear Hat, Giant Amigurimi Ghost, Dolly Boba

Halloween Cat Ear Hat by Evelyn of Pink Sheep Design – This pattern is so quick to work up that it makes for a fun last minute addition to a halloween costume–especially if you end up out on a colder than expected Halloween night! You will need super bulky (6) yarn and a 12mm crochet hook! (FREE Video or $6.10 for PDF)

Giant Amigurumi Ghost by Rachel Misner of Evelyn and Peter Crochet – Are you ready to crochet the cutest ghosts around? These cute little stuffies are made with blanket yarn and are so fun to make! They are easy to customize by making different eye shapes and mouths! (FREE on her blog or $4.50 for PDF)

Dolly Boba by Jessica of Making Things Knotty – This pattern is one of three in her Nightmare Boba pattern series and is considered an advanced beginner level pattern! As with most amigurumi, this pattern can be worked up in any yarn you choose but she used a a 6 weight yarn for the cup & lid, and a 4 weight yarn for the boba and straw. If you do the same for yours you will need an 8 mm & 4 mm hook! ($4.50)

Left to Right: Candy Corn Hat, Eyeball Coaster, Slouchy Witch Hat

Candy Corn Hat by Evelyn of Pink Sheep Design – I have been wanting to make a candy corn themed hat for a WHILE now and finally got around to it! This hat is so versatile with the color changes–if you aren’t into candy corn you can use tons of other fun color combinations! You will need bulky (5) OR super bulky (6) yarn and an 11mm/11.5mm hook for this project! ($6.10)

Eyeball Coaster by Fay Lyth of Stitch by Fay – Decorate for Halloween with these fun eyeball coasters! You will need DK weight yarn and a 3mm hook for this project! ($2.49)

Slouchy Witch Hat by Shelby of TheEntangledFae – This hat is perfect for spooky season, or the everyday witch! The Slouchy Witch Hat Pattern is written to fit the average adult sized head (22.5in) however, there are suggestions in the notes section on how to alter it to fit a variety of sizes. The pattern calls for a 3.75 mm hook & worsted weight yarn but the first review of the pattern showed someone who chose to use a chunkier yarn and larger hook and it look amazing!!! ($6.50)

Left to Right: Amigurumi Hearty Bat, Bone Daddy Hood

Amigurumi Hearty Bat by Crafty Kitty Crochet – It’s Halloween season, which means it’s time for bats and all things spooky! But why not keep things spooky AND cute at the same time?! These hearty bats are kawaii, spooky, and easy to make! They’re the perfect spoopy decor for fall or adorable toy plushies to collect, and they also make great gifts and craft fair sellers! The pattern works up in less than a few hours, and can be customized so many ways! This pattern checks all the boxes – fun, fast, easy, cute, one hour pattern, and more! Crochet a whole bunch of these winged wonders in a weekend! You will need super bulky yarn and a 4.5mm hook for this project! ($4.00)

Bone Daddy Pattern by Natalie of The Twisted Hatter – I knew I had to include at least ONE of Natalies designs in this round up because her designs are AMAZING. If you are looking for a super unique project to crochet as part of a Halloween costume look no further! You will need worsted weight (4) yarn and a few hook sizes for this project including 8mm, 4mm, 5.5mm & 2.75mm. ($7.50)

Left to Right: Plump Pumpkin, Spooky Coffin Bag, Pumpki

Amigurumi Plump Pumpkin by Vincent of Knot bad Ami – I LOVE this little pumpkin pattern!!! You can use this project as a gift, home décor, and even used as a pillow. Pretty multifunctional which is always an added bonus to a project. (FREE)

Spooky Coffin Bag by Vanessa of Nessas Knots Co – Do you like Halloween year round? Well this is the perfect spooky pattern for you. With this coffin bag pattern you can bring a spooky vibe into your life no matter what time of year it is! You will need bulky (5) weight yarn & 6.5mm hook for this project. ($5.00)

Pumpki Crochet Pattern by Kelsey Anne of Nerfherder Knits Shop – If you love a certain comic book character as much as you love halloween this is a super fun project for your Halloween decor!! You will need super bulky yarn and a 6mm hook for this project! ($2.00)

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