How is your “customer experience”?

You may be thinking, “but Evelyn, my company is so small—should I really be worried about something like customer experience??” … The answer–in short–is YES!!! OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!!!! … If you want to keep your customers coming back again and again, that is!

Providing a brag-worthy, high-quality customer experience will help you reap fantastic benefits as a small business owner or soloprenuer. In the short term, you’ll bring each of your customers a bit of joy through their experience with you and in the long term, you’ll be setting yourself up to turn these customers into obsessed, raving fans and loyal supporters of you and your brand!

So, how can you spark joy for your clients, stay in touch so that they don’t forget about you, and keep the momentum going? Read on!

Know Your Goals

Before you can begin exploring your customer experience, you first need to understand what exactly you’re hoping to get out of your hard work and extra effort. What are your top priorities as a small business owner or entrepreneur? Is it getting more reviews, testimonials & word of mouth referrals from your customers? gaining followers on social media? creating a deeper connection and more meaningful relationships with your clients? Not matter what your top goals may be, knowing what they are (in detail) can make it easier to understand which specific things you should be doing to provide a better experience for your clients AND work towards these goals!

Honor Your Customer’s Trust

There is a certain amount of trust involved on the part of the customer when they decide to purchase something from you. By letting your customers know from the start that you are taking care of everything and that this trust has been well-placed, you can create fans for life! This all starts with proactive and open communication with your customers.

Communicate Early and Often

When someone makes a purchase from you, be sure to thank them immediately for their purchase (this opens the lines of communication early). When your item ships out, be sure to send them another note thanking them and be sure to include a personalized note or letter with the item letting them know how much their support means to you as a small business! These small personalized gestures let your clients know you care and appreciate them and can make a bigger difference than you may realize. If they purchased a service from you, be sure to follow up after the sale to see if they have any questions and, after they have utilized the service, be sure to follow up and thank them!

Give Them More Ways to Connect

Let your clients know where they can connect with you. If they find you through your website, let them know that they can connect with you on social media as well or that they can join your news letter for updates or even read your blog for fun education and behind the scenes information! Do you have a Facebook group? Invite them to join! If you don’t consider how a Facebook group, or something similar, could bring your audience together in a new way and encourage community! Take time to follow your clients and engage with them on social media–remember, it’s not a one way street! If people feel like they are talking to a brick wall, they are less likely to keep commenting on and engaging with your posts in the future!

Figure Out What Makes Them Tick

The first step to creating more authentic connections with clients is to have more conversations! Make your clients/audience/followers feel comfortable sharing things with you. This may start with your own social media posts where you share something a little more personal about your life and them ask your followers to share something with you in the comments! You can then continue conversations with your audience in the comments or even follow up with a direct message in some cases! The most important thing is that your audience feels connected to you in a way that allows them to share with and talk to you without judgement.

You want to give your audience, followers & customers that “did we just become best friends?!” feeling!! The only way to do this is to take your connection with them to that next level. Make sure they know that you actually like them and want to know more about them. If they have a public Instagram feed, take time to get to know them, do they have pets? Are they a mom/dad? What are they hobbies? Do they like to travel? Find ways that you may be similar and use those things so connect with them… isn’t that how you make friends IRL anyway?? 😉

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you for now! I how you found this information helpful! Now go get to connecting and making some new friends!! 🙌🧡

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