Although I can’t honestly call myself a halloween fanatic, I do wish I had more opportunities to dress up in costume, it really is so much fun! I decided in honor of Halloween coming up soon, it was time for a FREE pattern release! I am also releasing a PDF version here on my Etsy shop with a few extra helpful photos if you’d like for only $5.00! Thank you so much for your support either way! I would love to see your finished products so be sure to tag me on instagram so I can see & share your creations!

This pattern is made holding two strands of bulky weight (6) yarn together to work up quickly! Start with a 20mm hook and move to a 10mm hook for the ears!

You’ll need about 4 skiens of wool ease thick & quick yarn for this pattern or about 400 yards of a similar size yarn!

Chain 27, join (careful not to twist your chain)
Row 1-8: Ch 1 (doesn’t count as first stitch), HDC 26 around, join into the first HDC (don’t turn)

*The next row will start the opening for the hood

Row 9: ch 1, hdc 26 around, don’t join, turn
Row 10-19: ch 1, hdc 26 around, don’t join, turn

Row 20: ch 1, hdc 26 around, tie off

Turn the piece inside out so that the scarf/neck part has the nice ribbed pattern showing!

Sew up the top seam to form the hood!

Now for the ears!

Using your 10mm hook & a single stand of yarn make a Magic circle, 5 sc into circle, join, don’t turn

Row 1: Ch 1, *1sc, 2sc* around, join, don’t turn (7)
Row 2: Ch 1, *1sc, 2sc* around, 1sc in final st, join, don’t turn (10)
Row 3: Ch 1, *1sc, 2sc* around, join, don’t turn (15)
Row 4-6: Ch 1, 15 around, join

Tie off & sew ears onto the top of the hood about one row from the center top seam and about 3 rows from the front edge of the hood. Feel free to play around with placement of the ears, it took me a few tries to get mine just right! 🤪

Do a happy dance, you’re done!! 🥰

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