I know that there are plenty of reviews out there of Furls crochet hooks BUT since furls offers quite a few larger hooks sizes (like we do!) I decided it was time to do a comparison video and put our 3D printed hooks up against each of Furls’ hook styles, including Odyssey, Streamline Swirl, Alpha Series, Candy Shop and their Jumbo wooden hooks!! In other words… It’s time for a hook SHOWDOWN!! LOL!

In this post (and in the video below) I will compare the details–size, weight and price–for our hooks and the comparable sized hooks offered by Furls! I felt it would be a great video for people who might be looking for ergonomic hooks in the larger size range (10mm and up).

I need to start out with the first MAJOR difference between Pink Sheep and Furls brand hooks when it comes to larger sizes, and that’s availability. Although Furls’ technically makes hooks in sizes 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm, they are very often out of stock. We work to ensure that we always have at least one of each size we make ready to ship in our Etsy shop so you can get what you need when you need it!

We offer hooks in the following sizes: 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, and 25mm! This is in comparison to 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm from Furls (when they have the larger sizes in stock).

So, let’s get down to the details! Please note, this post does include affiliate links, so if you make a purchase using one of the links below I will make a small commission.

Furls Odyssey Hooks – These hooks remain my go-to when I need to use hooks smaller that 10mm! If I’m not using a 10mm or larger I’m usually using a 5.5 or 6mm hook for things like crop tops and I do love my 5.5mm Furls Odyssey hook! It has some weight to it, so if you prefer lighter hooks this might be something to get used to.

  • Weight – 36 grams
  • Length – 170mm
  • Price – $36 (up to 8mm), $38 (9mm & 10mm) *shipping not included*
  • This line only goes up to a 10mm

How do Pink Sheep Hooks Compare to the Odessey line? Since I only own the 5.5mm hook from the Odyssey line & our smallest hook size is 10mm, we don’t have an exact comparison for this line but you can see the specs for our 10mm hook below under the Streamline Swirl comparison!

Furls Streamline Swirl Hooks – These hooks are very much like the Odyssey hooks in their shape and size range but they are lighter and more affordable. My 10mm streamline swirl was my go-to hook before we started making hooks in the 10mm size range!

  • Weight – 28 grams
  • Length – 172mm
  • Price – $24 *shipping not included*
  • This line only goes up to a 10mm

How do Pink Sheep Hooks Compare to Streamline Swirl hooks? Since our smallest hook size is 10mm we can only compare the 10mm sizes for each! So here’s the details for our 3D printed 10mm Hooks!

  • Weight – 17 grams
  • Length – 165mm
  • Price – $45 (shipping included)

Furls Candy Shop Hooks – I ordered the 13mm hook in this line because I was looking for something in that hard to find size range between 12mm and 15mm. Sadly, this was the first hook from Furls that I was less than impressed by. The groove of the hook is not very deep so it was not gripping the yarn as well as I would like making me fight a bit harder for my stitches. It was also much shorter than I imagined. The shorter length makes it lighter but it did not feel ergonomic for me, especially compared to their Odyssey & Streamline swirl hook handles.

  • Weight – 20 grams
  • Length – 150mm
  • Price – $52 *shipping not included*
  • Larger sizes included in this line: 10mm, 13mm, and 18mm

How do Pink Sheep Hooks Compare to the Candy Shop line? We do not make a 13mm but we make a 12mm & 14mm hook so we will include the details for both below!

Pink Sheep 12mm Hook:

  • Weight – 18 grams
  • Length – 165mm
  • Price – $45 (shipping included)

Pink Sheep 14mm Hook:

  • Weight – 22 grams
  • Length – 165mm
  • Price – $45 (shipping included)

Furls Alpha Series Hooks – The Alpha series hooks by Furls are very similar in shape, length and weight to the Candy Shop Line. I purchased the 15mm size in this line since there aren’t a ton of options in that size on the market and I wanted to try this one out! I do feel that the depth of the hook is better in this line vs. the Candy Shop line–it was easier for me to grip the yarn and work my stitches but I was still not very impressed by the handle and how it felt in my hand, especially considering the price.

  • Weight – 22 grams
  • Length – 150mm
  • Price – $84 *free shipping on orders over $60*
  • Larger sizes included: 10mm, 13mm, and 15mm

How do Pink Sheep Hooks Compare to the Alpha Series line? The specs for our 15mm hooks are below!

  • Weight – 24 grams
  • Length – 168mm
  • Price – $45 (shipping included)

Furls Jumbo Hooks – The Furls Jumbo wooden hook line is definitely a beautiful collection of hooks and you have the option to choose between three different types of wood. The shape of the hook is great but it is definitely MUCH longer than I would prefer for a hook. I feel like the added length also added additional weight to the hook which is no bueno for my hands and wrists. You can check out the specs for the 20mm hook (which is the one I purchased) below!

  • Weight – 70 grams
  • Length – 250mm
  • Price – $44-60 (depending on the type of wood you choose–they offer them in Mango, Rosewood and Ebony) *shipping not included*
  • Larger sizes included: 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm

How do Pink Sheep Hooks Compare to the Furls Jumbo Hook line? The specs for our 20mm hooks are below!

  • Weight – 30 grams
  • Length – 180mm
  • Price – $45 (shipping included)

If you want to check out the Pink Sheep Hooks that we have in stock you can view them here in our Etsy shop! Hooks are $45 for all sizes except 25mm which are $55. This pricing is for new releases that are not custom orders (shipping is included for domestic orders).

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