My style as a crochet pattern designer is fun, quirky, colorful and all about letting YOU get creative. I try to break patterns down to their most basic elements so that you can take the design and make it your own. My patterns use almost exclusively bulky & super bulky weight yarn (so they work up QUICK!) and are meant to be beginner-friendly!

You can shop ALL of my patterns in my Etsy shop here or check out a few of the free patterns from my blog below!

The Dobby Cardigan

This pattern was released as part of the Furls Crochet 2021 blog hop! It is a fun, simple hooded cardigan that uses two strands of Furls' Whims Merino Worsted Weight (4) yarn held together and a 10mm hook! This pattern is a great stash buster since you can use any combination of worsted weight yarn to create your own colorful cardigan!

The Scrappy Fringe Scarf

I work 99% of my scarves (and hats for that matter!) in the round, but I decided I wanted to change it up and design a fun, colorful long ribbed scarf! For this pattern you will need 3 different colors of a super bulky (6) yarn, a multicolored bulky (5) yarn, and a 10mm crochet hook!

The Scrap Cowl Scarf

I love chunky yarn. So much so, that I end up stashing away any of the lighter weight yarn I purchase for months or even years before it gets used for anything! This weekend I decided to do a stash busting scarf to help use up some of these lonely closet skiens 🤣 It’s a super easy pattern, perfect for accompanying some Netflix binging! You'll need 4-5 strands of light and/or worsted weight yarn and a 15mm hook!

The Cat Ear Hooded Cowl

Although I can’t honestly call myself a halloween fanatic, I do wish I had more opportunities to dress up in costume–it really is so much fun! This cat ear hooded cowl is my homage to all those crafty people out there who wait until the last second to find a Halloween costume and end up needing to make one! This pattern is made holding two strands of bulky weight (6) yarn together to work up super fast! you'll start with a 20mm hook and move to a 10mm hook for the ears!

The Pink Sheep Signature Chunky Cowl

This cowl was a best seller at craft shows every year. It is super squishy, soft and SO quick to work up! I am releasing as a crochet-a-long 2-part video series and you will need super bulky (6) yarn, like Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick a 25mm crochet hook!

Pocket Worry Cats

After having two friends loose their sweet furbabies in the same month I began looking for something simple I could send to comfort them. I found some sweet cards and charms but nothing seemed just right. After some thought I decided to make something myself, but what?? I wanted something small that they could keep with them or store with other special treasures. It finally hit me, have you heard of Guatemalan worry dolls or worry stones? I like to think of these as worry cats! I hope you enjoy this super simple pattern!

Simple Tie-Back Mask

I released my pattern for crocheted mask extenders/mask mates despite the fact that I didn’t even have a mask here at my house to try them out with! I wasn’t too concerned until we finally decided to come out of “hiding” to venture to the grocery store and realized I’d probably feel much better if I had a mask! At that point I had no time to order one and I’m not handy enough on the sewing machine to feel comfortable “whipping” one up without doing some pattern research, so I did what many crocheters do best… I found a few pattern ideas online and then decided to just wing it–oh, and write it down to share with YOU! For this mask I used about a half a skien of worsted weight (4) Cotton Yarn, a size 5.5 Hook, a few scraps of fabric to line the mask, tapestry needle, smaller needle & thread and a pair of scissors!

Ponytail Mask Extender/Mask-Mate

I had a request from a friend of mine for some of the ear savers people were using to keep masks from rubbing the back of their ears raw. I found a lot of options online but no patterns with the option to pull your ponytail through, so I decided to make my own pattern to share with all of YOU! All you need is some worsted weight (4) yarn, buttons, needle and thread and a 5.5mm hook!