If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I have been working a lot more with pattern making vs. physical products and it has been a fantastic experience and quite the learning process! I am all about keeping things organized and compiled so I decided I needed a way to track the progress of my patterns (especially when I have more than one in the works) as well as a way to keep track of all of my pattern testers- including IG handles, email addresses, testing progress, etc. I decided to use Google drive to create my spreadsheet and realized that I could create a template version to share with all of my fellow crocheters and knitters to use for free!

I am so excited to share this tracker with you, it is super easy to use, plus you can change it up however you’d like to by adding rows, columns and options for other things as needed. It may not seem necessary to track your patterns or testers when you are first starting out but I PROMISE you will thank yourself later! It took a lot of digging to go back through old emails to find my past testers to make sure I had all of their information so that I could start emailing them specifically when I had a new pattern ready for testing- in case they missed the call for testers on IG, which has happened before!

I also included an extra tab for tracking sales of your patterns! You may want to change up how this one is structured based on your current sales platforms (Etsy, Ravelry, etc.) but that is why I wanted this template to be fully customizable!


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