I released my pattern last week for crocheted mask extenders despite the fact that I didn’t even have a mask here at my house to try them out with! I wasn’t too concerned until we finally decided to come out of “hiding” to venture to the grocery store and realized I’d probably feel much better if I had a mask! At that point I had no time to order one and I’m not handy enough on the sewing machine to feel comfortable “whipping” one up without doing some pattern research, so I did what many crocheters do best… Magic!! Well, close… I found a few pattern ideas and then decided to just wing it! LOL! What follows is a very simple pattern that uses many of the same stitches I use in my other patterns as well as a technique for the straps that I pulled from the good-ole days when I was still trying my hand at crocheted crop tops and bralettes! 🧡

You can grab the PDF version in my Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/786667052/crochet-mask-pattern-mask-pattern-straps

For this mask I used about a half a skien (maybe less) of Lily Sugar n’ Cream Cotton Yarn, a size 5.5 Hook, a few scraps of fabric, tapestry needle, smaller needle & thread and a pair of scissors. Since I whipped this up in a hurry I don’t have a ton of progress photos but it is not a difficult pattern to follow (I promise!) and I’ve included lots of photos at the end so that you can see my final piece in detail! 

Start by Chaining (ch) 29

Row 1: Slip Stitch (sl st) in the 2nd & 3rd chain space from the hook, Single crochet (sc) in the next 4 spaces, 16 hdc, 4 sc, 2 sl st, turn, ch 1 (28 total stitches across)

Rows 2-14: 2 sl st, 4 sc, 16 hdc, 4 sc, 2 sl st, turn, ch 1

once you complete row 14 you have the body of your mask ready to go and it is time to head on to the straps! I add my straps in a work around method, this means you don’t have to finish and re-join at any point… this also means less ends to weave in! Woohoo for that, am I right??!! 🧡🧡🧡

You already chained one before you turned your work, so keep chaining from that corner until you get to 60, sl st back down the chain to form the 1st strap and then join into the closest space to the strap base with a single crochet and continue single crocheting down one side of the mask to the next corner where you will repeat this process!

When you get to the next corner, Chain 60, sl st back down the chain to form the 2nd strap, join with a single crochet at the base and continue single crocheting across the top/bottom to the next corner.

You should now be at the 3rd corner, Chain 60, sl st back down the chain to form the 3rd strap, join with an sc and continue to sc down the side to the final corner.

Last strap! You made it!! Chain 60, sl st back down the chain to form the 4th strap, join with a single crochet and continue sc across the top/bottom and join with a sl st at the space closest to the base of the first strap.

Weave in your ends and grab your fabric! I am not going to get super technical here as I was a hot mess trying to hand sew in my little piece of scrappy fabric but I will give you a brief overview of my process!

I doubled my piece of fabric over and turned it inside out and tried to hand sew a rectangle (leaving a little space unseen for me to turn it right side out. I used a second piece of thread to try and “cinch” the shorter side of the rectangle to fit inside the mask better- you can see this here:

The problem is, I couldn’t do this as cleanly on the other side because the other “skinny end” was where I left the hole to flip my fabric back right side out and it just turned out looking a little wonky (but, hey, it worked! lol!). Once I flipped the fabric right side out and did my best to sew up the small hole that was left, I began hand stitching it into the mask. You can see the final results here:

I know that this is not perfect but it works and it is actually quite comfortable. I do have to wear it with a ponytail to keep the straps in place comfortably (for me at least) but otherwise I am actually pretty stoked that it turned out as good as it did! I hope you will give it a try and please be sure to tag me on Instagram if you post your progress or final product photos, I would absolutely love to see and share them! 🧡🧡🧡

You can always connect with me on Instagram or Facebook! 🧡

Until next time, stay safe and healthy! x The Pink Sheep x

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