I had a request from a friend of mine for some of the ear savers people were using to keep masks from rubbing the back of their ears raw. I found a version online with on option to pull your ponytail through it and she loved the idea so I decided to make my own version of the pattern I found online. If you are like me and haven’t been sewing up masks because you aren’t the best with a sewing machine, here is a way you can help if you are able to crochet!

If you want a PDF version of this pattern, it is available in my Etsy shop here!

These are SUPER quick and easy to make and I have included photos of the process to make it even easier! The sizing includes an option to make the ponytail hole a little larger if you would like, just follow the numbers in the parentheses. Materials you will need include:

  • Cotton or acrylic yarn in medium weight (4)
  • Size 5.5 crochet hook (or similar size 5-6.5)
  • Needle, thread and scissors
  • two buttons
  • Tapestry needle to weave in ends (I usually just tie the ends in a knot and clip the ends)

Row 1: Start by chaining (ch) 23, single crochet (sc) into the 2nd chain from the hook and continue with sc’s across [22 sc]

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, 5(4) sc, ch 12(14) [skip 12(14) to create the ponytail hole], sc 5(4) into the remaining 5(4) stitches

Row 3: Ch1, turn, 5(4) sc, 12(14) sc into each chain space, 5(4) sc into the remaining stitches, finish off.

Join at a corner, Ch 1, Sc 2 in corner space, SC all the way around with two sc in each of the 3 corners left. Finish and tie off.

Now all you need to do is sew on the buttons!! 💜

I hope this pattern was easy to follow and hopefully it will give you a way to give back within your community to the healthcare workers who are continuing to put themselves at risk each day to help others!

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Until next time, stay safe and healthy!

x The Pink Sheep x

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  1. Thank you for the free pattern and pictures. Very easy to follow. I’m making them for medical workers and teachers etc that need to wear them for full shifts everyday.

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