2nd Annual Pink Sheep Design #DIYHOOKCHALLENGE Official “Rules” & Details

Submissions for the 2022 DIY Hook Challenge are now closed but if you did not get to join in this year, don’t fret! We plan to make this challenge a summer tradition for years to come!!!! We are SO thankful for you guys’ continued support and for continuing to be so excited about this challenge each year! Stay tuned for the 2022 Closing Ceremony on August 13, 2022!!!!!

2002 Winner’s Announcement & Closing Ceremony


Left to Right: Non-Functional Haley Fite “Phoenix” | Functional Krissy Kent “Stranger Things” | Kids Category Jai Duncan “Jurassic Park”

#DIYHookChallenge 2022 Submissions!!!

Functional Category Entries

Non-Functional Category Entries

Kids Category Entries

#DIYHookChallenge 2022 Updates!!!

Scroll down to see all of the important dates & deadlines, submit your finished hooks and see last year’s hook entires!! Stay up to date with this years challenge and get updates by following us on instagram (or YouTube if you don’t have an Instagram account!), joining the Facebook group, or just bookmarking this page!!!

June 1, 2022 – Official Announcement of this year’s challenge & Pre-orders open for DIY hooks! All you have to do to enter the challenge is purchase one of our white 3D printed crochet hooks and decorate it any way you’d like! If you are planning to create a non-functional hook (using things like clay, sculpting, bedazzling, etc) you can opt for an un-sanded hook this year–this will make things easier for The Captain, since he won’t have to sand ALL of the hooks before they head out the door to you!

June 30, 2022 – Last day to order your DIY challenge hook! You can order as many hooks as you like for this challenge AND submit as many decorated hooks to the challenge as you’s like.

July 1, 2022 – ALL hooks will be shipped out to you no later than this date. The sooner you order your hook, the sooner it will be mailed out to you. We will mail hooks out as orders are received!

July 31, 2022 – Deadline to submit photos of finished hooks for entry to win prizes! I will provide a link to a Google Form to submit your entry/entires.

August 13, 2022 – CLOSING CEREMONY! Winners will be announced!! This year we will have THREE categories (and THREE grand prizes!!)

Categories for the 2022 DIY Hook Challenge:

Functional Hooks: Hooks that can still be used to crochet after being decorated. This could include hooks decorated using paints, sharpies, nail polish, acrylic, resin, mod podge, etc!

Non-Functional Hooks: If you are looking to turn your crochet hook into a work of art that you can display versus crochet with, this is the category for you! This category is for hooks that cannot be used to crochet after being decorated. This could mean you made a sculpture out of your hook (like last years winner, who turned her hook into a yarn hoarding dragon!), or adding/gluing things to your hook that would cause it to be unusable as a crochet hook once you are finished!

Kid’s Hooks: We absolutely LOVED the fact that so many people got their kids involved last year that we felt they needed their own category and a special grand prize! Kids 15 years of age and younger can choose to submit their hooks to the kid’s category!

Prizes for the 2022 DIY Hook Challenge:

Okay, on to the fun part! Since we have three categories this year, we are changing up the praise structure a bit and will not be able to reveal all of the prizes until we get a bit closer to the official announcement date! We will have a grand prize winner from both of the adult categories who will receive:

  • A Pink Sheep crochet PRIZE PACK that will include THREE custom crochet hooks of their choice along with lots of other tools, swag and goodies from our shop!
  • A Gift Card to Hobbii Yarn for $60
  • A gift pack from JOANN with yarn crafting supplies

We will also have a grand prize winner from our kids category who will win a $50 gift card to JOANN Fabric & Craft Store (A HUGE thanks to JOANN for sponsoring this prize!) that they can use to purchase craft supplies of their choosing to keep their creative juices flowing!

Check out last year’s closing ceremony to see the winners and the runners up from last year’s event! Keep scrolling to get inspired by all of the amazing entires and start thinking about what YOU will want to do this year for the challenge!

Scroll down to see the gallery of last year’s entries!!!

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