DIY Hook Challenge Tattoo – VOTE HERE!!!

The time to vote is HERE!!! Voting will be open for the next few weeks so spread the word!!


The hooks that are up for voting are listed below. Each hook has a name and the names are listed in the captions beneath the photo. Pick your favorite and then use THIS LINK to place your vote! If you have another hook in mind that you would like to vote for (you can see ALL the hooks submitted to this years challenge HERE) there is a section in the form for you to “write in” your hook choice!

Keep in mind, the hooks included below were chosen based on the feasibility of tattooing them. They needed to be simple enough for a tattoo artist to include details and for you to be able to really see that is was a crochet hook and see the design on the hook too!

Options for this year’s tattoo vote:

Left to Right: Captain Hook, Dem Bones, Honey Bunny, In the Desert
Left to Right: Sea Witch, Death Before Dishonor, Gum Gum Bazooka, Hook Doctor Tony Tony Chopper, Oogie boogie
Left to Right: The Moon Stick, Gotta catch ‘em all, Everlasting Gumball Machine, Keep Her Hooked


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