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Crochet Pattern Roundup: Summer Craft Show Amigurumi!

It’s time for another crochet pattern round up!!! I chose to focus on crochet projects that sell well at spring and summer craft shows! I could have gone generic with this one, but because purchasing trends tend to fluctuate, I decided to ask around to see what has actually been selling at shows these days!

What did I find out? Turns out Amigurumi items have been selling REALLY well lately, and I’m not just talking about large plushies for kids! I’m talking about funky collectible items and smaller “emotional support” style items for adults too! I’ve gathered a few top selling Amigurumi patterns–based on input from the crochet community and hope you can find some fun items to make for your new craft show, artist market or pop up event! This post contains affiliate links so I may receive a small commission from purchases made through some links in this post.

You can also find a ton of non-amigurumi ideas for summer craft shows HERE!

Bees, Bees and more Bees

I know many of you may have heard that bees have remained a HIT at craft shows. Big bees, small bees, keychain bees, jumbo bees, rainbow bees…. you name it! Here are a few bee patterns to get you started!

Top Left: Baby Bee | Bottom Left: Giant Bee | Right: Classic Bumble Bee

Forest Core but make it Amigurumi

Forestcore is a style trend that has a whimsical, free-spirited value that feeds from the feeling of being in a forest or surrounded by nature. When I heard that items like frogs and mushrooms were selling well at summer shows, I knew that the forestcore trend had definitely extended to the crochet community and buyers! Along with the items listed below, consider making items like crocheted house and hanging plants!

Top Left: Frankie Fungi & Sammy Spore | Middle Left: Mushroom Mates | Bottom Left: Mushroom Froggy | Middle: Leggy Froggy | Top Right: Flower Power Keychain | Middle Right: Frog & Toad Car Charm | Bottom Right: Chubby Frog
Top Left: Snake Plant | Bottom Left: 3 in 1 cactus | Right: Potted Plant Pals

Emotional Support Buddies

We can all admit that the last few years have been a little crazy (to say the least, lol!) and I attribute this to the rise in popularity of emotional support items like “positive potatoes”, “pocket worry monsters” and “chill pills”! Here is a fun collection of these patterns that you can make larger or smaller and in all kinds of fun colors!

Claw Machine Stuffies

I’ve heard a few people talking about buying toy claw machines and filling them with mini amigurumi to let kids use it at craft shows! I love this idea and wanted to include a few patterns that would be perfect for this! I also saved a few of these claw machines in my Amazon storefront HERE if you want to check them out! These are also great for turning into keychains!

Top Left: Dino Pack | Bottom Left: Ollie the Octopus | Middle: Pocket Frog | Top Right: Itty Bitty Pops Fidget Toys | Bottom Right: Peewee Pals Collection

My Random Favorites

These are a few of the patterns that caught my eye and although they didn’t fit into any of the above categories, I felt that the NEEDED to be in this round up!

Left: Pop Tart Pillow | Middle Top: Chicken Nugget | Middle Bottom: No Sew Kitty Pet | Right: Kawaii Octopus Family

If you are interested in finding other fun Amigurumi patterns, here are some amazing Amigurumi pattern designers:

If you are prepping for craft shows, you may be dealing with hand, wrist, shoulder or neck pain from long bouts of crocheting. Using ergonomic hooks can help ease some of this pain and allow you to crochet longer more comfortably. If you have not found ergonomic crochet hooks that you like, you can check out our line of ergonomic 3D printed crochet hooks!

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