The 4th Annual Pink Sheep Design #DIYHOOKCHALLENGE is officially HAPPENING!!!

We are SO excited to be bringing back the DIY Hook Challenge for our FOURTH year in a row!!! We cannot tell you how excited we get every year as “challenge time” approaches! The DIY Hook Challenge is all about creative exploration and allowing us all to have an outlet to get creative in new ways!!

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What IS the DIY Hook Challenge??

My husband (aka Captain Hook!) and I wanted to find a way to foster creativity within the crochet community and challenge our followers to push their creativity in NEW ways!

Every year, starting in May, we 3D print plain white crochet hooks for challenge participants to decorate and then enter their finished creations for the chance to win prizes! Last year we had over 60 final entries!!! We also added some amazing mid-challenge giveaways last year to help keep everyone inspired throughout their creative journey! We also LOVE to see your friends & family members get involved! We know that your friends, kids or partners may not share your interest in crochet, but decorating a hook is something ANYONE in the family can get involved in!

2024 Challenge Dates & Deadlines

  • May 1, 2024 – Official Announcement of this year’s challenge & Pre-orders open for DIY hooks! All you have to do to enter the challenge is purchase one of our white 3D printed crochet hooks and decorate it any way you’d like! Despite inflation, we were able to keep the cost of our DIY Hooks at $15/hook (plus shipping. This year our hooks will be sold UNSANDED but you can opt to have us add a sheet of wet/dry sandpaper in with your hook pre-sanded for just $1.00 more so you have everything you need to sand your hook down if you are planning to draw or paint on it!
  • May 31, 2024 – Last day to order your DIY challenge hook! 
  • June 1, 2024 – ALL hooks will be shipped out to you no later than this date. The sooner you order your hook, the sooner it will be mailed out to you. We will mail hooks out as orders are received!
  • June 30, 2024 – Deadline to submit photos of finished hooks for entry to win prizes! I will provide a link to a Google Form to submit your entry/entires. You will be able to submit both photos and a video of your hook entry. You will also be able to share information on your creative process, the story behind your hook, and any details you think would help us when it comes time to judge the hooks!
  • July 14, 2024 – CLOSING CEREMONY! Winners will be announced!! This year we will have TWO categories (and TWO grand prizes!!)

Categories for the 2024 DIY Hook Challenge:

Functional Hooks: Hooks that can still be used to crochet after being decorated. This could include hooks decorated using paints, sharpies, nail polish, acrylic, resin, mod podge, etc!

Non-Functional Hooks: If you are looking to turn your crochet hook into a work of art that you can display versus crochet with, this is the category for you! This category is for hooks that cannot be used to crochet after being decorated. This could mean you made a sculpture out of your hook (like last years winner, who turned her hook into a yarn hoarding dragon!), or adding/gluing things to your hook that would cause it to be unusable as a crochet hook once you are finished!

Prizes for the 2024 DIY Hook Challenge:

Thanks to our AMAZING sponsors, we will have pretty fantastic grand prizes this year! We will have a grand prize winner for each of the three categories listed above! The grand prize winners from the two adult categories will receive:

• A Pink Sheep crochet PRIZE PACK that will include THREE custom
crochet hooks of their choice along with some 3D printed tools, swag and
goodies from our shop! (valued at $200)
• Am Effie Project Case from MUUD (valued at $147)
• A $75 gift card from Premier Yarns
• A $50 gift card from Joann Stores
• A Lumos Lumos Knitting Light (valued at $49.95)

A HUGE Thanks to our 2024 Sponsors!

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2022 Winner’s Announcement & Closing Ceremony

2022 DIY Hook Challenge WINNERS!!!!!

Left to Right: Non-Functional Haley Fite “Phoenix” | Functional Krissy Kent “Stranger Things” | Kids Category Jai Duncan “Jurassic Park”

2022 DIY Hook Challenge – Functional Category Entries

2022 Non-Functional Category Entries

2022 Kids Category Entries

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