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Crochet, Business & Life Goals for 2023

On my first live chat of the new year I wanted to take some time to reflect on 2022 and talk about planning and getting organized for the new year! I can’t believe it is already 2023, the last year felt like it flew by and when I look back I know we accomplished a lot but we also realize just how thankful we are to have the support of so many amazing, creative people that help to keep us motivated and creating! Scroll down for a FREEBIE to help you get your crochet projects organized for the new year!

I love taking time with each new year to re-organize & re-evaluate things. Taking stock of where I am personally and with the business, taking inventory of what I have (both crochet and non crochet related), letting go/donating things I no longer need, cleaning up the house and evaluating my space and organization (especially in the office!) and then sitting down to do some planning for the new year!

This year I am so excited to get to share something BIG–at least a big milestone for me! I have always wanted to publish a book and at the end of 2022 I decided to dip my toe in the water of self-publishing and release my own crochet weekly/monthly planner AND two journals for crocheters!

First up is my “Ultimate” crocheters planner!

I created this planner with the main goal being to combine two of my favorite things–planning/organization and crochet! I have used a very specific style of weekly planner for a very long time because I find it to be the most functional for daily use, but wanted to include more crochet related references than “normal” planners. This planner should be both extremely functional for everyday use while also helping you keep track of your crochet projects! This is an undated planner with 12 months starting in January and ending in December. There are 5 weeks provided for each month and you can enter the dates. This allows you to use this planner any year you choose!This planner includes the following sections:

  • Crochet Abbreviations, US/UK stitch differences, yarn weights
  • Yarn & crochet hook stash tracking pages
  • Important dates & Birthday tracking pages
  • Year at a glance to note important dates for each month of the coming year
  • “Month at a glance” & crochet project planning for each month
  • Weekly planning & weekly notes/to-do sections

Shop the Crocheter’s Ultimate Weekly Planner

The first journal is for those of you who love crochet pattern testing!

This journal is meant for crochet pattern testers to easily keep track of their pattern testing progress, stay on track and meet deadlines, and provide the best possible feedback to the designers they are working with! You can log 13 projects in this journal and each project contains spaces to enter information and notes about the project including:

  • Information about the Designer
  • Important dates and deadlines
  • Progress Checklist
  • Details about the materials needed & used
  • Plenty of space for notes and feedback

Shop the Crochet Pattern tester’s Journal

You can also find my digital/printable tester tracking sheets in my Etsy shop HERE!

The second journal is for you crochet designers out there!

This one was designed to help you bring your crochet design ideas to life! I wanted to find a way to help designers foster their creative process, get their ideas down on paper, and start the process of fine tuning their designs while also creating a chronicled record of their past design ideas! You have room for 10 different designs in this journal and each new design section includes pages for you to track:

  • Project Basic (type of item, yarn and hook you plan to use, gauge information and more)
  • More detailed project information (name of pattern, skill level, sizes you plan to include)
  • Two pages for sketching your design
  • Four pages for taking notes as you work through your pattern
  • Progress Checklist that covers “to-do” items including finishing your first draft, taking progress photos, calling for testers, publishing your pattern and more!

Shop the Crochet Pattern Designer’s Journal

I also wanted to give you guys a freebie to help you get (and keep!) your projects organized for 2023! These project tracking forms can be printed out and kept in a binder or can be filled out on a tablet, phone or computer to help you plan and stay on track with your projects! Just use the link below to download the tracking form!


Thank you all so much for your continued support, it means the world! HAPPY 2023!!!!!

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