Creativity has always been an outlet for me no matter what else may be going on in life, so the good news is, no matter the challenges, creativity will always be there!
Evelyn Burttram
The Pink Sheep

HELLO!!!! My name is Evelyn Burttram (AKA the Pink Sheep!) I am a photographer and fiber artist/crochet designer based just south of Atlanta, Georgia. I founded Pink Sheep Design in 2014 with the goal of creating beautiful, custom, quality hand-crocheted products but over the years my brand has morphed and changed in some very wonderful ways. Not only do I still sell unique, hand-crafted items–I also design and sell crochet patterns and offer social media consulting and photography services to creative makers!

My brand is all about helping others, spreading kindness, hope and positivity, and creating and fostering community between all creative people! I would love to connect with you anytime, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook or email me anytime at

Interviews & Media:

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