I’ve been considering creating some downloadable Instagram prompt lists and even some pre-written copy and pre-filled monthly calendars to help crocheters (and makers) save time and be more consistent when posting to their social platforms. I know that the social media challenges like March Meet the Maker and Amigurumay really do help makers stay consistent and post more during the challenge than they might on their own, and I would love to help create that kind of momentum outside of challenges! I wanted to start with some general advice and prompts to see if you find them helpful, and if you do, start creating more content like this!

One of the easiest ways to be more consistent when posting to social media is to break down your content into buckets or categories. Choose 3-4 categories of topics you’d like to share about–hint, they don’t ALL have to be about your crochet work. Maybe there are causes that you are passionate about like sustainability, fashion, nature, gardening, reading, or cooking. You can choose 1-2 of those other interests or hobbies to include in your list of categories. This will help you create more content ideas and spend less time wondering what to post about.

My Main Content Categories:

1. WIPs (Work in Progress) Posts

For this content category, I’ll share a photo of something I’m working on or a sneak peek of a finished project that’s being prepared for testers. This is also a great opportunity to ask what everyone else is working on! If you like to plan your posts around hashtags you can plan ahead and post your WIPs on Wednesday so that you can use the hashtag #WIPWednesday!

2. Finished Project/New Product Posts

The posts in this category are great for sharing anything new! A new pattern release, new sticker design, new workshop I will be hosting, shop updates, events, etc.

3. Tools of the Trade

This category is great for sharing and discussing all of the materials that help make what you do possible! I love sharing about new or favorite crochet hooks, yarn, project bags, and cool new gadgets that help make my life easier like yarn bobbins, yarn winders, pom pom makers, etc.! This is also a great category to include “unboxing” posts when you have happy mail days!!!

4. Intro Posts

It is extremely important to make sure people know who the person is behind your makes. I saw a HUGE difference when I actually started showing my face on my feed. People feel more connected with you when they see the face behind the business and it does seem to make a difference. I believe you should “show up” and reintroduce yourself to your audience at least once a month on your feed to help people feel more connected to you! These intro posts don’t always have to be long-winded posts that talk about all of your favorite things, hobbies and background. Each post could share a single thing about you and then you can ask your audience a question, for example:

I posted a photo of me holding a bottle of wine and asked “where are my wine loving friends”? and then proceeded to share the fact that I don’t drink much these days but I love having a glass of red wine with dinner. This is just a snippet of who I am as a person, outside of my business, that was meant to create a connection with my audience on a different level. I was also wearing one of my crocheted pieces to tie it into my business and my feed on Instagram! I have also shared photos of me crocheting in our garden and asked if I had any followers who also liked gardening. These short and sweet “intro” posts give you the chance to learn more about your audience as they learn more about you! Always be sure to start off with a question or at least have a question somewhere in your post to give your audience a reason to slow down, stop scrolling and respond!

5. Positivity and Motivational Posts

At the core of my business, I strive to spread joy and happiness, support others and be open about difficult things that I have gone through/go through in my life. I like to share posts about dealing with anxiety, doubt, criticism, difficult times in life, etc. with the goal to remind people that they are not alone and that they do have the ability to choose joy and look for the positive things in life. I might share milestones from my business and encourage others not to give up on their dreams, aspirations and project ideas. I might share something from my past that truly affected who I am today and remind people that we are all going though “something” and that practicing more kindness is never a bad thing… all of these topics would fit within this category.

6. User Generated Content

This is some of the BEST content you can share as a business owner because no one can advocate for your products as well and as convincingly as a happy customer. If people share photos wearing your items or using your products, be sure to save those images so that you can share them on your own feed or in your stories (just be sure to ask permission before sharing). These UGC posts can often be super time-savers because you not only skip having to take a photo, you can also just use their original post’s text and quote it in your post!

You’re Turn – The Homework!

These are my main 6 categories. Take some time to write down some category ideas for yourself! Maybe one of those categories includes photos of nature because you go hiking and adventuring most weekends. Maybe one of those categories is about baking because that is something you are really passionate about. Once you have your categories you can start planning out some post ideas!

If I wanted to post every single day in a month, I could plan to post 5 times from each category, or mix it up depending on what I have going on, but you DO NOT have to post daily unless you are comfortable doing so. I would NOT recommend putting that amount of pressure on yourself. I always feel that being consistent in your timing is MUCH more important that posting daily. So, give yourself a truly achievable goal–maybe you feel like you can comfortably post 3-4 times a week, GREAT! Now it is time to look at those categories!

At 3 posts a week you will need a total of 12 posts for each month. Lets break down a sample month’s worth of content using my categories above!

Breaking it Down and Making a Plan

Intro post (2)

At least twice this month share something about you personally. One of these posts could be a true introduction where you remind people your name, how long you have been crocheting/making, the goal of your business and then thanking your followers for continuing to support you as a small business owner. This first one should definitely show your face (if you are comfortable), but your second one does not have to! Just be sure it is something that gives a little insight into who you are outside of your craft! Here are some ideas for that second post…

“Do you have a green thumb?🌿 … Sadly I kill every plant that comes into my house but that won’t keep me from trying. Maybe I should crochet some plants instead… what do you guys think?” [photo of one of your dead plants or a crocheted plant]


“Coffee or Tea??☕ … I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago (I know some of you will consider this blasphemous 🤣) but I would love your recommendations if you are a tea lover! [photo of you holding a favorite mug]

WIP Post (2)

Two WIP posts are usually pretty easy for most crafters (even if you work a full time job) because you can technically share that same project just photographed in a different space or way. I also make it a habit to take photos of myself working on my projects even if I don’t share them immediately, this will build up my stash of potential images to share and I just save them in a specific folder on my phone or on Google Drive! Here are some SUPER simple ideas for captions for these kinds of posts.

New project in the works and I can wait to share it with you all, any guesses as to what it will be?

Sneek Peek of my newest WIP! It is a new cardigan for spring and I am LOVING the way the colors are coming together! What are you guys working on right now??

Finished product (2)

If you don’t have more than one finished product to share in a single month, you can use this category to share other things that are new with your business. You can also use these as throwback posts to older designs that you want to remind people of–I do this a lot seasonally for older patterns that I want to highlight and remind people of, like older crop top patterns when summer rolls around! As you can see in the prompts below, I always try to turn the copy around to be able to ask a question to the audience, this should be done as often as possible and don’t give up if people don’t respond or answer your questions right away! Just be sure to respond to them when they do!!!

My Bucket Hat is finished! I know these are “trending” right now but I’m having serious 90’s baby flashbacks 🤣 Would you rock one of these? Should I make them for my shop/upcoming market?

Flashback to this amazing cardigan! I still love this piece so much, maybe because it is the first item of clothing I made for myself! What is one of your favorite or most cherished items of clothing (even if you didn’t make it??)

Tools of the Trade (2)

Tools of the trade is quite broad and could mean your favorite (or least favorite) crochet hook, knitting needles, yarn, etc. It could also be a chance to talk about a new yarn you tried or a new technique you learned. You could also show people your workspace, yarn stash and so much more! I wrote this following copy for crocheters who mainly sell finished products to non-crocheters, but you can adjust them as needed depending on the majority of your audience and who you will be talking to!

Tools of the trade… a maker is only as good as their tools and it has taken lots of trial and error finding the right crochet hooks to fit my needs. Even the crochet community is pretty split on what hooks are “best” but I don’t think there is really a right answer to that… I think it truly depends on each person and it might mean trying a few different hooks before you find the “right” one for you! So far my favorite hooks are… [list 2-3 of your favorites or more]. If you crochet or knit, do you have a favorite brand of hooks or needles??

New yarn Alert!! Talk about GORGEOUS! This yarn is so scrumptious I could eat it… (I have a feeling that wouldn’t turn out well… 🤣) but seriously… I can’t wait to get this on my hook! What should I make with it?? Any Ideas?!

Positivity & motivation (2)

For me, these posts can be short and sweet or longer and more like a heart to heat with my audience. Usually these strike me when I am having a bad day or a bad week and are rarely pre-planned. I try to share what I know I need to hear in the moment and hope that it is also what someone else might need to hear! For some, this might also be the time to post about social issues that are weighing on their heart.

Just a little friendly reminder… BE YOURSELF… because there is literally no one else just like you! Embrace who you are and stop worrying about what other people think. It is not worth the time effort and stress. I know that this can be easier said than done, but I hope this little reminder today helps–even just a little bit! I would love for you to join me in a little exercise in self love… you ready? Share something that you love/admire about yourself in the comments! Here, I’ll go first… [something you love about yourself!]… Your turn!

Don’t Give Up… Sometimes projects will feel overwhelming, deadlines will get missed, and creative blocks will happen but remember… it is all part of the process. If you feel overwhelmed or frustrated it might be time to allow yourself the space to step back, breathe, take a break and then come back to the project refreshed and with a new outlook. We create because it brings us joy and the moment we stop feeling that joy is the time to reflect and make sure that we are setting boundaries and moving our craft and creative energy in the right direction! What do you do when you get into a creative rut??

User generated Content (2)

User generated content can be great but sometimes you have to reach out to get this kind of content from your customers. When people tag me on Instagram I make sure to bookmark those posts for later so that I can go back to them when I need some last minute content. You can also ask your customers to send you photos if they have some time, of them wearing your items so that you can share them. If they post on social media, you can actually just quote their caption or you can share a little about that specific project!

I love custom orders! This sweet little mommy & daughter pom pom hat set was extremely fun to design and create. Would you rock matching mom & daughter accessories??

[“Quote from a customer or from a shop/product review”] Nothing (and I meant that!) beats happy customers! I work extremely hard to ensure that my products are high-quality and meant to last and when a customer sees and appreciates this, it makes all of the hard work and effort worthwhile!

Wrapping it up!

There you have it! 12 posts, a month’s worth of content, ready to go! I hope you found this walk through helpful and I would love to hear if you would like more of these kind of prompts and pre-written captions ideas! If so, I could start creating them on a monthly basis! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Pro Tip! Be sure you are using hashtags in each post as well! You can check out my article all about hashtags HERE!

Want more personalized help? I offer LIVE (virtual!) Zoom Workshops at least once a month all about social media marketing and strategy for small creative businesses! These are small classes (6-8 attendees max) which mean you have more time to ask specific questions and get the individual help you need to make social media management less stressful and more worthwhile for you and your business! You can check out upcoming classes HERE!

I also offer one-on-one sessions for makers and creatives if you want even more individualized help with your social media plan and strategy! These sessions can be personalized to your exact needs and can even be scheduled at regular intervals to help you plan out a monthly calendar, optimize your feed and captions for more engagement and just to have a real guide to help you when you have questions or concerns! You can learn more about these sessions and sign up HERE!!!

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