Since most of my projects and new patterns require bulky or super bulky yarn (5-6+) and what are considered “Jumbo” crochet hooksโ€“which aren’t always the easiest to findโ€“I wanted to share my favorite places to purchase ready to ship Jumbo crochet hooks!!! If you didn’t know already, I design, 3D print and sell my own line of 3D printed hooks and will include links to them below along with plenty of other options! There are also lots of great, beautiful custom options out there, but for this guide I want to focus on the ready to ship hooks. You will notice that the lists are fairly long; this is because I know not all of these hooks will be in stock all of the time so I wanted to make sure you have plenty of options to choose from!

12-16mm size

16mm & 25mm Pink Sheep Design 3D Printed Hooks


20mm and up!

I hope you find this guide helpful!! Check out my crochet patterns on Etsy and put these jumbo hooks to good use!! ๐Ÿ˜ Connect with me anytime on instagram!

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