Since most of my projects and new patterns require bulky or super bulky yarn (5-6+) and what are considered “Jumbo” crochet hooks–which aren’t always the easiest to find–I wanted to share a list of places to purchase ready to ship Jumbo crochet hooks!!!

If you didn’t know already, my husband and I design, 3D print, and sell our own line of ergonomic crochet hooks meant specifically to help make working with chunky yarn more enjoyable! We offer all sizes from 10mm-25mm in lots of fun colors and although they are an investment, if you end up purchasing 2-3 “cheaper” hooks and are still dealing with pain in your hands and wrists when working with bulkier yarn, I encourage you to give our hooks a try!

For this guide, I wanted to focus specifically on ready to ship hook options.

12-16mm size

16mm & 25mm Pink Sheep Design 3D Printed Hooks


From left to right: 13mm by Furls Candy Shop, 5.5mm by Furls Odyssey, 10mm by Furls Galaxy Swirl, 10mm by Susan Bates with Clay Handle by Nik Naks & Knots, 20mm Furls Jumbo Wood, 25mm by The Hook Nook.

20mm and up!

I hope you find this guide helpful!! Check out my crochet patterns on Etsy and put these jumbo hooks to good use!! 😁 Connect with me anytime on instagram!

16mm by Pink Sheep Design

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