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2023 Gift Guide for Crocheters & Yarn Lovers!

I’m so excited about my second gift guide for crocheters & yarn lovers! Remember, most crocheters are usually picky about the tools and materials they use, so if you want to get them yarn or hooks, be sure to ask them for details and specifics or at least include a gift receipt! 🤣 

Let’s Start with one of my favorite categories… Handmade Crochet HOOKS!!!

I chose to highlight handmade hooks in my guide this year from a WIDE range of makers who use different techniques and materials to make one of a kind hooks in a range of prices!! I also chose to feature only makers with hooks that are in stock and ready to ship so you can get them in time for Christmas!

  • Pink Sheep Design 3D printed Hooks. Our hooks are light, ergonomic and available in sizes ranging from 2mm all the way up to 35mm!
  • What The Hook Creations – Metal crochet hooks with gorgeous handmade ergonomic rainbow polymer clay handles
  • Too Shay Crochet – Metal Hooks with colorful, ergonomic crochet hook handles made with wood and resin
  • SusieJs – Metal Hooks with hand sculpted polymer clay handles shaped like sweet treats–you read that right… think stacks of cookies, macaroons and more!
  • Kooky Clay Wonders – Metal Hooks with fun, colorful hand sculpted polymer clay handles
  • PJB Boutique – Metal Hooks with fun, colorful hand sculpted polymer clay handles
  • Hook Ewe – Metal hooks with hand sculpted novelty polymer clay handles
  • Cozy North Woods – Metal hooks with hand sculpted novelty polymer clay handles
  • Nelsonwood – Colorful, ergonomic crochet Hooks handmade using exotic woods and other materials
  • Hooked By Holtby – The original crayon crochet hooks
  • Fleas Collective – Metal hooks with hand sculpted novelty polymer clay handles
  • Mad Hooker Crochet – Gorgeous, Unique Hand Carved Wooden Crochet Hooks


I feel like crochet T-shirts used to all be on the “kitschy” side but lately there have been so many amazing designers jumping in to create super cool and modern apparel for crocheters & knitters! Here are a few of my favorites I’ve run across this year!


Stickers always make fun & easy stocking stuffers or, if you’re in a crocheting or knitting group, you can get ’em for the group! Decorate your yarn storage, coffee mugs, tumblers, notebooks and more!


I wanted to include some small, unique items that are perfect for sticking stuffers or as part of a larger gift basket for a crocheter, knitter or yarn lover in your life… (or for yourself!!! lol!)

  • Crochet Yarn Tender by Artifact Bags – Keep your knitting & crochet work organized in your project bag w/ our removable yarn tender. 
  • Crochet Notions Kit by Pink Sheep Design – perfect little kit to travel with or to keep in your project/WIP bags!
  • Notions Pouch Good Ideas Start With Coffee & Yarn by WeirdSistersWool – Each pouch is made with two layers of reinforced canvas as the back of the pouch, and heavy duty clear vinyl as the front of the pouch. They are approximately 5×7 inches and bound off with cotton bias binding.
  • Smells like she crocheting again candle – Choose from 5 scents and you can even add personalization!
  • Yarn Travel Tumbler by Mini Marie Co – 20 ounce skinny double walled tumbler
  • Skein Coats by Precious Knits – No more tangles for you, as this innovative yarn holder will tame any yarn skein, ball or cake and is ready to go wherever you go. Just cover your yarn with your new yarn holder, throw it in your bag, and you’re good to go. Go forth and knit, or crochet, these cozies got your back!
  • Enamel Row Counter by Twill & Print – The row counter is comprised of four parts, the back, (which has two pin back posts so you can attach it to whatever your heart desires), the two numbered wheels, and the front facing. The numbered wheels are secured in place so they won’t spin or lose count.
  • Hook Minders – Do you have multiple crochet projects going at once? If so, do you often forget the hook size that you’re using for each project? These hook reminders are perfect to attach to your next project as a reminder of the size hook you used. Simply put the bulb pin through the corresponding hole of the hook size and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting again.


Stitch Markers are Another great stocking stuffer for crocheters and knitters! They are super fun and creative and at SOME point most fiber artists will find themselves in need of them.

There are LOTS of tools out there for crocheters & knitters but here are a few of the ones that I use on a very regular basis!!!

  • Giant Pom Pom Maker. If you don’t have one you should definitely add one to your wish list! I can promise you won’t regret it when you find yourself needing to make giant squishy pom poms! This makes the process a BREEZE!
  • Tapestry Needle Holder – These textured tapestry needle tubes are 3D printed using PLA filament. They are perfect for holding tapestry needles and small crochet, knitting or sewing notions! Perfect for traveling alongside your WIPs in your project bags!
  • Yarn Winder – The Stanwood 10oz yarn winder creates yarn balls with the string that can be pull from the center, making your knitting sessions convenient and neat! This is my favorite yarn winder because it is high quality, built to last and makes large yarn cakes (super important if you love working with chunky and super chunky yarn!)
  • Gauge Square by Pink Sheep Design – These 3D printed crochet gauge swatch tools are perfect for those of you who, like me, love working with chunkier yarn and larger hooks! Our Gauge is a 4″x4″ square along with measurements along the sides for 10mm to 25mm hooks!
  • Lucet Fork by Pink Sheep Design – A lucet is also known as a “knitting fork” and is an ancient tool once used by the Vikings to make cord. Lucets makes a square, strong and slightly springy cord and are now used by crafters & makers and is a fun tool for children and adults from beginners to expert crafters.
  • Blocking Pins & Blocking Boards – perfect for anyone who crochets or knits since at some point they may find themselves in need of blocking a project!
  • Wraps per Inch Tool by Pink Sheep Design – Wraps per inch (WPI) is a way to measure the thickness of a yarn. This tool is used primarily by spinners, but is very helpful for crocheters and knitters to determine the weight of the yarn and what the approximate gauge will be.
  • Neck Light for Crafting – I never thought I would use one of these lights as much as I do now! They come in handy, not just when you are crocheting in low light, but also when you are working with darker colored yarn!


Whether you are taking your projects on the go or crocheting at home, here are some great ways to keep your yarn, hooks & notions from escaping or disappearing 😂 from travel project bags to yarn bowls and hangers, there is something for everyone!

  • Super Cute On-The-Go Yarn Bags by Airy Fairy Bags – These are SUPER cute and super useful, especially if you like to crochet on the go!
  • Portable Yarn Hanger by Pink Sheep Design – perfect for on the go crocheting! 
Our Yarn Holder is two separate pieces that easily are slipped together or apart making them convenient for travel and storage when not in use. You can hang it from your wrist for on the go creating – or hang it from your bag, a hook or from something else while you sit down to work.

  • Luxury Leather Bags and Accessories. Have you bee EXTRA good this year and want to truly splurge and treat yo’self?? Check out this line of leather bags and accessories by Muud Living!
  • Yarn Magic Crochet Bag by Green Fox Farms
  • Hooker Tarot Card Tote Bag by Pink Sheep Design – My favorite new crochet tarot card design is available on a canvas tote!
  • Yarn Bowl “I Crochet So I Don’t Choke People” by Kenny Clay Co
  • Craft Cube by Kainor Design – CraftCube contains multiple tools for the knitters and crocheters. The “core” of the CraftCube is a yarn bowl, but in addition, on every side of the CraftCube you can find e.g. Blocking Board as well as a density, needle and crochet gauges.
  • Leudes Project Bag Backpack – great backpack for traveling with your projects, plus it’s under $30 so if you are looking for a great travel project bag that won’t break the bank, this is for you!


I am not a huge jewelry person but these are some of the cutest and most unique pieces for crocheters I’ve ever seen! Many of them are actually FUNCTIONAL pieces too!!!


For anyone who feels like their love for yarn and crocheting needs to be represented in their holiday decor, this is the section for you!

I hope you enjoyed this guide and found a few things to add to your wish list! You can always connect with me on Instagram or Facebook!

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