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15 Chunky Crochet Backpack Patterns!

I’m super excited to share my first chunky crochet backpack pattern round up!!! Y’all know how much I love chunky projects (you just can’t beat that instant gratification!) so I mostly stuck with patterns that called for bulky (5) and super bulky (6) yarn in this one, BUT there are a few included that I felt would be easy to work up with bulky weight yarn even though the design calls for worsted! I hope you enjoy these patterns and find at least a few projects to add to your “to make” list!!!

Left to Right: Simple Bucket Backpack by Pink Sheep Design, The Spiral Bag Crochet Pattern by Cecilia Losada of Mamma DIY Patterns, Simple Color Block Drawstring Backpack by Forest and Dot
Left to Right: Chunky Textured Crochet Backpack by Mono Mey Studio, Lacy Summer Drawstring Backpack by Made by Lisek
Left to Right: Chunky Boho Chic Backpack by Crazy 4 Crochet Momma, Watermelon t-shirt backpack by Ami Toys Handmade
Left to Right: Simple Crochet Backpack by EMi Crafts LT, Modern Ribbon Yarn Backpack by Purple Mache
Left to Right: Frog Backpack by The Wonder Crochet, Mini Crochet Backpack by KNITZNPURLZ 
Left to Right: Rec Club Backpack by Two Of Wands, Rainbow Backpack by Loopy Mountain Crochet
  • Rec Club Backpack by Two Of Wands
  • Rainbow Backpack by Loopy Mountain Crochet – this design calls for worsted weight yarn but I feel like it would be super easy (and SUPER cute) to make with bulky or super bulky yarn too!!!
Left to Right: Cow Backpack by Melodys Makings, Kid’s Crochet Drawstring Backpack by Bags By Bento
  • Cow Backpack by Melodys Makings – Okay so this might say its made for kids but it is SO freaking cute and all you need to do is make the straps a bit longer and and it would be perfect for adults too!!
  • Kid’s Crochet Drawstring Backpack by Bags By Bento

I hope you enjoyed this round up!!!! Until next time, HAPPY HOOKING!!!!

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